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About Us

We are the Varner family, but we go by the alias of The Roaming Home.  Why?  Over 6 years ago, we decided to stop playing in the rat race, in exchange for traveling the US. 

So, we did what any reasonable person would have done...we sold everything we owned, and donated the proceeds to charity, and traded a mortgage for a big truck and a 5th wheel RV, but now travel in a Class A Diesel Pusher.  We have grown as a family since we've been on the road, in our relationships with each other, our passion for the culinary arts, and in our love for sharing in an immersive educational experience for our children.  All of us have developed life skills that are unlike anything we could have hoped for, and all of us have changed for the better.  

The Roaming Home has a motto - "Tomorrow is not promised for any of us, therefore, we have chosen to live for today."


Thanks for learning a little about us, and we hope that you will enjoy sharing in our experiences.  

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