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Eat Local - Finding Farmers Markets & You Pick Farms on the Road

6 Great Websites to help you locate farmers markets near you as you travel in your rv, motorhome or tiny house.

There is nothing quite like the summer sunshine, the hustle and bustle of the farmers market and all those tempting goodies from fresh baked breads to ripe fruits and vegetables.

But how do you find them when you are constantly move and heading to strange towns? We have put together a list of six great sites that will help you track down organic produce, farmers markets and you pick farms near you

1. Local Harvest is our favorite site Its really quick and easy to search and you can opt to narrow it down to just see a you pick, CSA or farmers market or see all of them in one list and map. My only complaint is it’s a bit hard to use the map on the mobile but from a pc its more user friendly.

2. The USDA On Farm site will take you to farmers who have stands or shops on their properties and sell directly to the consumers. It provides information on hours of operation, links to the farm website, products they offer, amenities they have and payment methods they accept. They also have a map feature that is very help as I don’t always know the surrounding cities names.

3. The USDA Farmers Market directory does exactly what it sounds like, provides a way to search for farmers markets near you. By click on the information next to the Market name you will get information on the number of vendors, hours and seasons of operations, types of products offered and website and contact information. They have a map feature here as well

4. If you plan to be stationary for a season the USDA CSA directory might be handy if you are looking for a subscription for a season. The layout is like the others but when you click for more information it will provide you with the seasons the subscription is offered, delivery and pick up options, products available and if they are pesticide free or certified organic. It also provides a contact information and links to their websites.

5. Another one we use from time to time is Local Farmers Markets It’s a little less user friendly than the others but if we strike out on the other ones this one sometimes come through with a hidden gem. To navigate this one, choose your state, then the county from a map and then it lists them by county…..not super friendly if you are like most RVers and have no clue what counties are around you.

6. Their sister site is great for Pick Your Own but has the same navigation issues. It also contains you pick sites outside the US which is pretty cool and has tons of links with instructions on canning, yield of crops and the produce season, so even if the navigation is a bit clunky it’s a wealth knowledge.

Have you found any fantastic farmers markets in your travels? Did we miss any sites you use to locate them?

6 Great Websites to help you locate farmers markets near you as you travel in your rv, motorhome or tiny house.

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