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Go play your video games! - Learning through gaming

Discover websites and apps to help your children learn by playing video games

“Go play your video games” Is probably not a statement many parents uttered when we were growing up. When I was kid video games were time killers with very little educational value but thankfully time has changed and we now how more access to fun ways to learn than ever before.

Today we are going to look at some of the website and online games we have found to help augment our learning on the road. These are not complete curriculums but fun ways to supplement a program you are currently using or broaden a skill where they may need more practice.


It has been around for quite a while but still seems to be a favorite with my kids. There are several options for classes that incorporate Minecraft

Skrafty - Has classes in all subjects and grade levels, they pair their courses up with curriculums like Life of Fred, IEW and Apologia. They offer a subscription service for $12.50 that gives you access to the elementary learning classes and offers a significant discount on the upper level courses.

Homeschool with Minecraft - Offering classes in all subject, they pair their classes with book series like American Girl, I survived and Magic Tree house. They also have classes with the Story of the World curriculum. Majority of their classes are $7.99 each, $3.99 for each additional student enrolled in the same class for most of their classes. The ones that run longer than 4wks range in price from $9.99 to 29.99 (for a 26wk long class).

GamED Academy - This site offers a classes starting at Pre Reading level through highschool. At the Pre reading level they partner with Teach your Monster to read for their class and offer a reading program and intro into Minecraft program. Once your child is a 2nd grade and reading independently they offer a full range of subjects, some of them partnering with another app or book for the lessons. The classes are $15 each and run in 6wk increments and have an option to add grading or a grade portfolio for $5 each.

Preschool/ Elementary

Multple subjects

  • PBS Kids - Featuring their favorite characters from PBS this site is a good introduction into subjects through play. They have both a website and app

  • Starfall - Games for those just starting out and beginning readers They have both a website and app

  • - This site has games and lesson plans available for free for elementary education. They do offer a premium version that allows you to assign work to students.

  • Sheppard Software - All subjects available with tons of games, these aren’t the fanciest of games but we have found some them to be fun and engaging

  • Mr Nussbaum - Zombie multiplication, Unicorn addition and even a collage of US this one has several games my kids have enjoyed


  • Teach your monster to read - Your little one can help their monster out of sticky situation by playing the games. It is free for the computer version and $4.99 on the apps stores



  • Prodigy Game - Designed for grades 1-8, my kids love this Legend of Zelda feeling game. In the game you battle monsters by completing math problems. It completely free to play but there is a membership you can subscribe too that gives your kids special chests to open after battles with fun prizes and speeds up their leveling up. Memberships start at 8.95 for a month to month and are as low as $4.99 when billed annually.

Do you have a favorite online learning game website or app? We hope that you learned something with this post. We'd love to hear your feedback on it. If you have ideas for other topics that you'd like to have discussed in our blog, please share with us at


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