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It's not easy being green- Recycling on the Road

I hate it when we pull into an rv park and discover they don't have recycling. We will often save our recyclable and tote them to the next campground in the hopes they have one but many times we are 2 or 3 campgrounds into a leg of our trip and we are starting to get desperate as the recycling starts to take over the rig. So what is an ecogeek supposed to do? Well we have 5 easy ways to find recycling.

1. I always turn to Google first. Normally a quick search for "Recycling Center" and my zipcode will bring up a few places to start with. I then check their website or call to confirm they take recycle and ensure there is no cost. Unfortunately some areas only permit residents to recycle. We have had luck a few time sweet talking the workers into letting us anyway since it was only a small amount of typical household recycling.

2. If Google fails me I turn to Earth911. This site has a great search feature and can help you find recycling for just about anything you can imagine

3. Another good site is I want to be recycled This one does more of a web crawl but will return locations and you can sometimes get to the county recycling center information easily from it.

4. If none of the others have worked then I try Recycler Finder They are very hit and miss but do seem to prove helpful in more urban location.

5. Stealthy recycling....Ok, its not as it as clandestine as it sounds but many stores have recycling in the entry ways. The key here is not to bring several weeks worth in at time so I like to grab a plastic shopping bag full as a run to do errands and drop the recycling and bag into the bins at the front door. Doing this a few times over the course of the week helps keep it at a reasonable amount.

  • Best Buy - batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges

  • Target - paper, glass, plastic bottles and plastic bags

  • Lowes -batteries, cell phones, and light bulbs

  • Walmart and local grocery stores - Plastic bags

  • Wawa and some gas stations- plastic bottles and glass

There you have our 5 easy ways to find recycling while traveling in your rv. Have you found anything to help make recycling easier?

5 easy ways to find recycling locations for RVers, Motorhome and Tiny House living

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